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Rock the Dress


Ladies get back in that Dress! After spending your well earned energies on the wedding, why not do something a little different? Rock the dress! You may have found that the wedding celebrations were a… Continue reading »

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“This is the Moment” Song, Dance, Performance

Sophie Sheinwald photographing Gabi's ensemble

Meet Gabi Markham, a talented artist, who from the age of three, has performed in many shows in and around Brighton theatres. She has gotten parts, including Bugsy Malone and Les Miserables and played Pepper… Continue reading »

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What makes a Family?


Well what makes a family… a family? The celebration of the Jubilee inspired my June competition to win a bespoke home photo session tailored to two chosen families. It all got me thinking… what are the… Continue reading »

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Headshot for your promotion


Why Shoot Your Head? A professional headshot works wonders and is vital in making the right impression. There are many reasons for having a decent headshot, from actors who classically need shots for their agent… Continue reading »

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Portable Studio


It has been a nice busy start to 2012 where I’ve mainly been photographing families and beautiful pregnant women. I thought I’d write a blog for those of you who want to know how a… Continue reading »

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