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Why I’m not a designer

I needed an A6 flyer to be designed as one of my promotional requirements to help me create a new audience. So, mistakingly thinking that design was within my skill set, I took it upon myself to play around in Photoshop with selected images in the vain attempt to create something wonderful. Despite all my efforts of positioning, arranging and  juxtaposing, I had just created a mess of imagery on an A6 file. Needless to say I humbly discovered that I am not a designer and that designers existed for just this purpose.

Despite my lack of know-how I knew that one of the key elements to great design is simplicity. My design just wasn’t simple and I couldn’t seem to make it so. I therefore decided to enlist the design skills of Planet Interactive who designed my fabulous website. I shyly showed my attempts and was sent forth to find just a few images that I felt were strong. I had an idea of which ones I liked but was not sure whether they would create the impact that I needed, so it was recommended that I do a survey.

I decided to choose a baby and and a bride, two pinnacles of life. The bride was an easier choice, however I was deliberating on the babies as both had impact. This is where surveying was incredibly useful, by using my contacts online, through email and web forums it became very clear which one evoked more than the other.

which baby photo A or B

‘B’ was almost a unanimous favourite as it was the interaction between mother and baby that won peoples hearts. Planet Interactive went to work and created this…


promo of mum and baby

promo of bride

For the other side of the flyer, the chosen photo of the bride gave just the right look room for the text on the right, which in my version was just unimaginatively laid out. The baby and mother side has an unobtrusive “10% off” banner leaving the photograph clean and clear. So much thought had been put into the flyer that my appreciation of design and layout has increased conciderably. I was very pleased with the results, both simple and effective. Now I’m looking forward to sending them out and bringing in new clients to photograph.

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