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Headshot for your promotion

Why Shoot Your Head?

A professional headshot works wonders and is vital in making the right impression. There are many reasons for having a decent headshot, from actors who classically need shots for their agent to create work, to online communications where your presence sells itself.

It’s just too interesting a subject to leave out, so I hope this blog has a few tips that are useful to you. If you find yourself in need of this service then I advise you to check out my May 2012 super special offer!

Who needs a headshot then?

Where might you fit in and why might you need a clear and clean image to represent who you are? You may even wonder if you really do need a professional do do the job.

Your image is conveyed through your photograph, and it’s part of the first impression you make on others.

Business professional Barbara Pachter

Graphic Designer headshot          Mel Copywriter headshot

Let’s take these three categories for example which may help you decide if a headshot it’s for you.

The Social Network

It has become increasingly important to create a good online image, a great photograph really bolsters value. Having a photo that is current and professional will firstly, make you happy to use it and secondly, create a positive effect on your audience. Interestingly, according to a study on Facebook, the profile picture gets the most hits.

Your face, the way you look and dress is actually a key part of your brand. Brand is identity, especially if your are a small to medium-sized business. If you are using Linkedin, Google+, Twitter and/or Facebook pages, it’s how you are recognised. So having a decent, relevant photograph that is used on all your networks opens doors.

Great headshots give you an edge. They leave your prospects with a first impression that creates strong positive feelings and associations.

Commercial photographer Rich Quindry

I do see some profile pictures out there that are badly lit, out of focus or they just don’t do justice for that particular business.

So what is your business about and how best can you be presented? Well that’s where I come in and am very happy to help. We can discuss what your business needs are, the colour and tones needed and weather you go under the lights or outdoors. It all connects to how you need to be presented, just ask!

The Dating Game

First impressions are crucial in online dating, it’s hugely important to have the right photograph so that your potential partner will stay on your profile. The idea is not to make you a glamourous supermodel, that’s another photo shoot entirely! You want to appeal to your prospective date and not provide a picture that goes overboard. The idea is to create the best of you and who you are. I can advise you on what to wear that’s within your style remit. You can have a couple of clothes changes ready and I can come to your home and deliver some good natural shots that your happy with. You don’t necessarily need the full on studio for this, however I bring my small portable lighting kit to brighten things up. Call me for a chat.

Actors & Models

Need I say more, actors and models just need a simple clean updated photo for their agent. Again nothing glamorous, something so your potential can be seen instantly so you can simply be hired. Call me to discuss, we can work out what look represents you.

headshot actor        headshot acupucture

May’s Mad offer

Sophie Sheinwald Photography has gone a bit mad, for the service and delivery of your professional headshot, I’m taking just £40! So come June 2012 that deal stops! Tick tock!

Author, Sophie Sheinwald Photography

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  • Great post and very informative. This sounds like an amazing offer, when can you book me in?