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Gaining confidence with a portrait session

The festive season has officially hit us, as the last of the autumnal leaves have gracefully fallen to the ground. I’ve decided to mark this time with a gift idea for women out there who fancy some upliftment. Here’s the answer if you’re a bit stuck, a confidence boosting portrait session.

When Emma came for her portrait session, she was somewhat nervously excited. The realisation that she was about to be revealed in front of the camera had her in some anticipation. After a peppermint brew I asked her to choose from one of her outfits and sip some tea. I had a white backdrop ready and got her to sit in position. I usually find the first shots act simply to warm the client up, until they are ready to come alive. Emma has an effervescence that I wanted to bring out in the shoot. She’s a free spirit who’s talents lie in acting, singing and comedy. She chose black and white stripes and a gorgeous hairband. As we progressed on the shoot she got more confident, I told her to think of freedom and she went with it beautifully, alongside some Ennio Morricone playing in the background, which helped loosen her up nicely.

emma's portrait session

It was great being photographed, I liked sharing ideas and creating in the moment. Was fun!

For the second half of the shoot Emma chose a dress with a wonderful silky sunset orange blouse and as she got ready I got my black backdrop up. I decided that I was definitely going for a more theatrical feel. I got out my 50mm lens and shot her from above with a nice wide aperture to define her eyes and blur the other areas of the frame. With a light behind her, the opacity of the blouse came alive, and so did she. With Morricone’s compositions getting more dramatic, Emma had come into her own and was moving her body poses more naturally.

Portrait session with Emma

I could have gone on longer but that’s because I was having so much fun!

The portrait session almost seemed like a cathartic therapy and when I showed her the results she was delighted.

Loved the results, was and am completely happy with what I got.

If you are considering a gift for a dear friend, look no further. Photo shoots can even set up  in the comfort one’s own home and that hour can be transforming.

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  • This Blog was most helpful, your ideas are straight to the point, and the colors are cool too.

    • LOVE THEM!!!! That day was so much fun!!! Thank you and as always, your work is beautiful!