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Events & Celebrations


What is your celebration? A pinnacle birthday? A barmitzvah or batmitzvah? A wedding?

Whichever it is, Sophie’s energetic approach combines a reportage style with formal but fun shots. You will have spent time and effort on planning to wow your guests with your amazing event, ensure it’s captured beautifully. Ask for a telephone consultation so Sophie can understand you’re needs.

Pricing will be worked out according to what your requirements starting at just £200.

Batmitzvah and Barmitzvahs

Joy of joys! The thought that needs to go into creating these wonderful events, even with a planner, is quite incredible! They are almost like weddings. I have photographed from modest affairs to exquisitely decorated dos in posh venues. The bottom line is, the people are the most important thing! I take pride in capturing the, quite often crazy, atmosphere at these events.
If you like my photographic style, just call or email me, we can talk!

Wedding photography

wedding photographer

As an experienced event photographer, I do accept wedding bookings on special request. I understand that not all weddings are the same so I’m very happy to create a special unrestricted package just for you.  Just contact me or call 07976 958654 to book a 15-minute consultation.

Photo books are available on request, we can discuss the styles that best suits you.

Contact Sophie now to let me know your event dates.

Corporate event photography


There are many things to consider when hiring a photographer for your event coverage. What in the line up is vital for coverage? Will the photographs be used for immediate marketing? Will you need the photography to be posted out live on the day? Sophie’s approach to corporate photography involves understanding the digital age, the details of the job and coordinating with your events team to ensure she gets the best results. She has many recommendations on Linkedin.

Your corporate event has such potential to communicate to a wider audience. Sophie has delivered photographic results live for social media bulletins during an event. Just contact her to find out more. Pricing starts at just £200.