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Visual Storytelling

En-Visioning a Brand

Visual storytelling is relatively new to the marketing world. I love helping entrepreneurs and enterprises tell their story visually to help them grow and succeed. The visual story is a major storytelling opportunity and as most of us know, storytelling has always been fundamental to human experience. We have only recently tapped into the marketing power of this.

I work with the lead creators of businesses and enterprises so I can extract their passion into authentic, relevant photography.

Visual Storytelling

Brand photographer Sophie Sheinwald started out with family portraiture, celebratory events and headshots. She loves to help businesses succeed through having their own unique professional visual storytelling. This has inspired her a new stream of services, her Visual Story Mapping Sessions and Visual Story Photography Sessions.

She has a collaborative approach to working with people. The visual story mapping session is an affordable consultation process. It offers a unique experience and creates powerful emotive brand photography.

Sophie’s love of connecting with people helps them drive through the mental barriers of being photographed. She uses specially developed coaching techniques. The results are a battery of professional photography for targeted marketing.

Sophie Sheinwald Photographer – galleries.

Sophie Sheinwald is a Brighton based photographer working across the UK and Europe. She is co-creating a book called Generation Share for the business sector alongside Benita Matofska about the changemakers who use a sharing ethos to help build a better world.