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Portraits & Head Shots

Based in Brighton & Hove, I tend to mainly work in and around Sussex and London. I started working on family portraiture which I still enjoy, but I mostly focus on entrepreneurs. Why? Because it’s empowering. Running a business is exciting and I love being a part of that journey by helping get the best out of people. It can be scary being photographed. With experience to back me up, I can help bring out the best in you. Talk to me, I will give you a free consultation and we can see if we are a match.

Head shots or portraits can be done on location, or you can come to me in Hove.

Head Shots & Portraits

Head shots-photostory

Whether a professional headshot or a beautiful portrait session to capture a life moment, I can help you.

I give a free 15-minute consultation, this is essential to see what you want and whether we are a match. We can incorporate all sorts of ideas into your session, that’s why I always insist on a consultation prior to a photography session.

The couple


In your portraits session, define your love and care of each other and what aspects brought you together as a couple. You can use the session as an opportunity to capture you both. This can be at your home or on location, it can be the simple things like cooking together, dining together or even lying in a bubble bath together!

We can also do portraits on a locational reportage session and select an area special to you both. Consider how you see yourselves and we can create some unique scenes that describe you as a couple.

The Family Portrait


Sophie Sheinwald has enjoyed capturing the growth of the family unit photographically from bump to children. Family portraits can be fun and creative and can include aspects that bond you all as a unit. It may be to do with a particular location or an activity that you all like doing together, like a picnic, out for a walk, sports. You can be as quirky as conservative you like!

Group portraits


Friends are practically family – only you choose them! So why not get photographed with them to include aspects that bond you all as a unit. It may be to do with a particular location or an activity that you all like doing together, like sports, being musicians or and “out for a party” glad rags shoot. You can be as creative, quirky or conservative as you like!

Bumps to Children

Bump to children - bump shots

Bump photo session are totally creative and fun. These are the pinnacle of artistic photo sessions and a must for any pregnant woman who wants to celebrate her upcoming motherhood. You can choose a variety of products for beautiful framed enlargements for your wall. See my blog post on why you should do it and what to expect!

Are you looking to have your newborn photographed?

It’s important to capture baby within the very first month or wait till they are at least six months, then they can sit up and interact with camera.

Have a look at the bumps to children gallery to give you some ideas.


Pets & Equine

Sophie Sheinwald Photography Pet & Equine

A few years back Sophie Sheinwald developed a series of dog portraits inspired by her younger daughter’s interest in canines. The crouched viewpoint led Sophie to grab her camera on their walks. A photographer friend later pointed out a similarity of that work with Elliot Erwitt’s witty photographs of dogs. She was very touched.

Aside from this style of photography, Sophie has photographed portraits of horses and their owners in the beautiful Sussex countryside, have a look at her pet & equine gallery.


Sophie Sheinwald’s photographic portrait services are especially bespoke. The photo sessions are tailor made for you, so you get a unique product. The result is that you don’t just have a photograph, you have art.

Portrait are £150

Head shot’s start at £96, details and price list, can be emailed, just contact me.


You can have a look at more links to Sophie Sheinwald’s work.